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Let’s start with what my job used to be and how this people/tech combo played out in a corporate context…

</digital transformation>

Most definitions of digital transformation will include something about “the implementation of digital technology” in response to “changing business and market requirements”.

However, this predicates that technology adoption is the answer to technology disruption.

Whilst in this day and age tech has a role to play, a lot of the digital transformation activity going on in large corporations predominantly leverages tech that is over a decade old.

The successful programmes aren’t the ones that have the best cloud-based, artificially-intelligent, quantum blockchain chat-bots.

But the ones where the people and technology are designed to work together.


Not ground breaking news, but people still seem to mess it up.

So that's the role I played. Over the past decade working for IBM iX, and with big brands like Castrol, BP and Audi:

I’ve helped executives work out the opportunities presented by new technology.

I’ve designed programmes and systems to deliver on those opportunities.

I’ve built and led the teams who turn that opportunity into reality.

By bringing skills and expertise like this to the table:

</people> </technology> designthinking devops agiledelivery ux/uidesign digital orgdesign webdevelopment cloudservices ecommerceplatforms systems ofengagement machinelearning
</people>design thinkingagile deliveryux/ui designdigital org designdevops </technology>web developmentsystems of engagementcloud servicesecommerce platformsmachine learning
and working with some of the best IBM and client teams out there.
Check out the last project I led at IBM:

In March 2021 I took some time off to get to grips with the violent insurgency, and all around assault on the senses, that is </fatherhood>.

During that time, my eyes were opened to the potential of the </internet economy> and I pivoted from Mark Colling the employee, to Mark Colling the internet business.

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